The challenge: To produce a free community outdoor product launch show for Blue Sky telco, using the large Government building as a screen with the first ever laser show, in Apia, Samoa. The client had a big wish list, and a modest budget, so we had to craft a solution that would deliver the exciting show they imagined, while having a realistic cost. We edited a TVC branding video, plus the opening show mapping and laser spectacular and also a two-hour entertainment show. Also, we had to use the smallest amount of equipment possible to keep the budget down for air freight. We had to deal with shipping schedules, customs and paperwork, and a last-minute requirement for a bond the value of the whole system. Cope with slow deliveries, late power supply, and of course, tropical down-pours. In brief: Video projection on the large building with laser display projecting from the stage After a site visit for client meetings, measurements and photos, we built a 3D software model of the building and site. Using Capture software for pre-visualisation, we then accurately mapped lasers and video projectors together onto the building. This allowed us to program the whole show before we travelled. We edited a video for the for the client promotion and a special effects show utilising building video mapping and aerial laser effects. This was integrated with the projection mapping software in the laser together to produce an exciting show over two nights with a concert on the second night. NZ crew of three, with two 20k lumen Christie video projectors (Spyglass), 10 lasers; 6-22w laser power, six wireless DMX hazers. Local sound and lighting. An excited crowd, and a very happy client. We then, travelled to American Samoa the next month, for a laser only show as part of the same brand launch.