Laser Shows & Systems

We are laser focussed

Not just because they’re amazing, but because they’re a great tools for creating exciting events, telling stories, and reaching out to an audience.

We craft shows, beam and beat accurate, to create the immersive experience, that is the brilliance of lasers.

We are team players. We design and specify AV,  lighting, sound, staging and special effects to complete the event, and we are also a happy to work alongside New Zealand’s skilled producers and technicians to supply just the elements required.

We are integrators. We build shows that are more than the sum of their parts, aligning and coordinating looks and effects into new and original showpieces.

Let us work with you to build your next stunning event or show.

We have the best people and hardware

Professional show design and performance


Flying Pictures  are passionate about creating and performing the the most creative and advanced laser shows in Australasia.

The Flying Pictures team have been creating spectacular shows since 1986, for thousands of satisfied  “awesome…” customers. Utilising a whole range of multi-media tools we design shows for corporate events or outdoor spectaculars.

The laser is our prime tool for high impact visual shows which, when combined with dynamic video graphics and large scale projections, produce world class custom shows.

With our hardware base in Auckland and production office in Sydney, we create great shows in New Zealand and Australia and further afield.

We look after all aspects of the presentation, so you can concentrate on your performance and we do the rest.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Here are just a few of the thousands of shows we have designed and performed. We explain a bit of the process about building each one, so you may get some inspiration for your next event.